For many children, opportunities to play freely in their local communities are reducing.

You may have noticed your child has less freedom than you had when you were their age, and perhaps you had less freedom than your parents’ generation did.

There are many reasons for this including concern about traffic, worries about safety and pressure on resources.

It is important to keep a sense of proportion about these risks as the result is a lack of opportunities and confidence to play outdoors.

Children are missing out on the sense of freedom that comes from exploring local streets, parks and neighbourhoods and all the skills they gain as they do this.

This has an impact on children’s health and wellbeing both mentally and physically.

Community members and groups are vital to creating a playful nation.

Have a look at the resources below to inspire you to take action in your own community!

If we work together to improve children and young people’s play opportunities we can improve the environment for everyone.