Play Day

Playday is an annual celebration of children and young people’s play which traditionally takes place on the first Wednesday in August.

Thousands of children and families attend various events across the UK.

What is Playday?

As well as a celebration of children and young people’s right to play, Playday is a campaign that highlights the importance of play in children and young people’s lives. Campaigning for play where you live can make a huge difference not only to local children, young people and families, but to whole communities.

The 4 Nations sit on the Steering Group: Play Scotland, Play England, Play Wales and PlayBoard N.I.

Who can organise a Playday event?

Anyone can organise a Playday event.  Big or small, there are lots of different ways to celebrate Playday. Whether it’s a large community-wide event or a get-together with friends and family – find the way that suits you!

Playday events are often organised by play associations, local authorities, holiday play schemes, extended schools, children’s centres, nurseries, preschool playgroups, residents’ associations, community development workers, childminders, or simply someone who lives in locally and wants to give children and young people a special opportunity to play for the day.

  1.  If you already have an event organised for the summer, why not support the national day for play by making it a Playday event! If it’s difficult to celebrate on Playday itself, consider holding it on a different day.
  2. Get together with your neighbours to celebrate Playday. If it’s too late to apply to your local authority to close your street for a street party, celebrate in your cul-de sac, back yard or estate car park!
  3. If you work with children, why not provide some extra special play opportunities on Playday? Just by doing something extra special and appreciating the value of play, you’ll be celebrating children’s right to play and creating a day to remember.
  4. Celebrate with friends and family by simply getting out to play for the day! Whether you head to the beach, the local park or a nearby forest, take a picnic, some things to play with and lots of imagination!
  5. Ask the children and young people you will be celebrating with what they would like to do on the day! Follow their lead and you will create an environment that is child-led and hugely beneficial for children to play.

Looking for inspiration on what to do on the day? Check out our resources below.

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Facts: (Playday 2010 research)

  • 1 in 4 children (28%) say that when they are playing adults tend to think they’re up to no good.
  • 90% of adults played out regularly in their street as children.  29% of today’s children say they don’t play or hang out in their street at all.
  • 70% of adults believe community spirit has weakened since they were a child.
  • 54% of parents only feel confident for their children to play outside if other children and playing out too.