Values & Policy

Play Scotland Values

We believe that play is a fundamental right of childhood and is central to children and young people’s wellbeing and development. Play is a fundamental and vital dimension of the pleasure of childhood, as well as an essential component of physical, social, cognitive, emotional and spiritual development.

General Comment 17, UNCRC

Play Scotland principles

  • We value all children and young people
  • We work to enable all children and young people to realise their right to play
  • We believe all children and young people should have space, time and permission to play

Play Scotland Statement on Racism

Play Scotland respects and celebrates equality, diversity and inclusion and will work to strengthen our commitment and actions to tackle racism and discrimination. We recognise, respect and advocate for the needs of our membership, workforce and all children and young people irrespective of gender, background, cultural or racial origin or individual abilities. We support the movement against racism, for justice and fairness.

Play Scotland Policies