Stay Safe

Here we share information and websites for staying safe inside and outside your home. Should you have any tips and websites you would like to share please do let us know:

Being aware of the risks outside the home

It’s a good idea to be aware of the risks that children out alone might face – just to check that you’ve considered ways to minimise them. Risks could include:

  • getting lost
  • danger from traffic
  • bullying from other children
  • stranger danger
  • grooming
  • running into gangs
  • exposure to alcohol or drugs

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code

With just one blistering sunburn doubling the chances of melanoma in later life, sun protection should be an important part of working outdoors with children.

If you feel you could improve your provision, we suggest exploring the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code. Devised by the Melanoma Fund in 2014, this free accreditation resource is designed for coaches, instructors, and outdoor activity leaders, helping make sun protection easy to implement and your actions more effective.

Industry support

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code is partnered with the Association for Physical Education (afPE), Child Protection in Sport Unit (NSPCC), UK Coaching, Youth Sport Trust, it is supported by over 120 National Governing Bodies of Sport and outdoor organisations.

Are you a good role model?

Research shows us that leading by example has a big impact on the children, and they will be more likely to do the same and pass this onto others. By adding sun protection to your own game, not only will you be inspiring them with your actions, but you will also be developing your own good habits!

Why is this important?

Skin cancer has reached epidemic levels and is the UK’s most common and fastest growing cancer. It is also mostly preventable and by simply being more aware of the risks of over exposure to UV light, and acting accordingly to avoid sunburn, we can reduce incidence.

Get involved!

Becoming Sun Protection Accredited is free and will position you as a group or individual that takes the health and wellbeing of children seriously. You simply need to undertake the following actions:
1.     Read the OK Sun Safety Code.
2.     Create a tailored sun protection policy.
3.     Display awareness posters.
4.     Display the sun protection accreditation logo and certificate.

On registration you will be sent a toolkit of resources, that simply require downloading and printing, helping keep sun protection front of mind all summer. Visit 

to find out more.

Getting Sun-Sorted!

Getting children to understand why sun protecting their skin is important. This can be achieved with the Sun-Sorted! Quiz. Aimed at KS2 children, it is also useful for parents, encouraging them to support your work, ensuring children arrive to session sun prepared. Share with your groups and stakeholders, to help create habits that will last a lifetime. Click here to access the quiz.