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"Springs greatest joy beyond a doubt is when it brings the children out"
- Edgar Guest

Play Scotland

Spring into Play!

Playing outdoors is essential for our children and young people to understand, value, enjoy and protect our natural world. In Scotland, this means playing outside in all weathers. 

The change in temperature and surrounding environment is a treasure trove of experiences and play opportunities that are vital to development and enjoyment. 

Spring is a wonderful time to explore your community and natural environment – get out and play! 


  • Playful Streets: Supporting Play in the Community

    Playful Streets: Supporting Play in the Community

    For many children, opportunities to play freely in their local communities are reducing. You may have noticed your child has less freedom than you had when you were their age, and perhaps you had less freedom than your parents’ generation did. There are many reasons for this including concern about traffic, worries about safety and …
    Resource type: Toolkit
    Age: Universal
    pdf (3.10 MB)
  • Children’s Health Week Activity Book

    Children’s Health Week Activity Book

    We were delighted to contribute to the Children’s Health Week Activity Book to encourage children and young people to try new activities every day. You’ll find ideas including: Twelve things to do before you are 12 Grow Your Confidence Tree Make your own worry dolls Children’s People Chain Random Acts of Kindness Challenge What’s On Your …
    Resource type: Booklet
    Age: Universal
    pdf (4.22 MB)


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Playwell Outdoors Pack Evaluation Report

Playwell Outdoors Pack Evaluation Report

Play Scotland are delighted to release the evaluation report of the Playwell Outdoors Pack, which was a partnership with Save the Children and The Beano to support families to get outside, play and
be active together.
Play Well Transition Project Evaluation Report

Play Well Transition Project Evaluation Report

This report aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the “Play Well; Wellbeing through play” resource, which was developed by Play Scotland in collaboration with the Educational Psychology Service in Dundee.

The results of the research showed that the intervention successfully supported children’s development across different competencies of social and emotional learning.
Play Well Outdoors Pack

Play Well Outdoors Pack

Play Scotland, Save the Children and the Beano are delighted to launch the Play Well Outdoors pack, which is jam-packed with ideas to help you Get into Summer. The pack is designed for primary school children, but activities can easily be changed to suit younger or older children too.
Scotland’s Play Charter

Scotland’s Play Charter

Scotland’s Play Charter describes our collective commitment to play for all children and young people. Supporters of the Charter:

  • recognise that all children have the right to participate in play activities and experiences
  • value play as a life-enhancing daily experience for all our children
  • support children to have fun, creative, fulfilling and development rich play experiences throughout their childhoods
  • recognise that playing is an essential part of a happy childhood as well as being vital to children’s wellbeing as individuals and members of society.
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