Play Scotland – Delivering the National Play Strategy in Scotland #playeveryday

Our Vision                                                                                   

Play Scotland works to promote the importance of play for all children and young people, and campaigns to create increased play opportunities in the community.

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Play Builds Children
– Children’s Play Policy Forum Statement

The Children’s Play Policy Forum has issued a policy statement identifying a crisis in childhood and calling for more children’s play opportunities. There are huge benefits to be gained when sufficient time and space is available for children to play #playeveryday.   Play builds happy, healthy children.  For full details and to download the Statement click here

Introducing Children’s Rights from Scottish Government

Click here for Training resource relating to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Playful Families

Welcome to our Playful Families page where you will a find a range of services available in Scotland, information and play ideas.

We welcome any ideas you may wish to share with us, email:

Scotland's Play Charter

Are YOU Committed to PLAY?

Play Scotland is promoting Scotland’s first inclusive Play Charter.  This describes a collective commitment to play for all babies, children and young people in Scotland. #playeveryday

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Weatherwatch: why children need more time outdoors

A rise in shortsightedness has been blamed on young people getting too little daylight.  Full article  
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Outdoor Nurseries Social Enterprise Fund open for applications

Thanks to a generous donation from a supporter who wishes to remain anonymous, Inspiring Scotland have established a new Fund to...
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Nurseries praised for innovation. Scottish Government

A nursery where children built a car out of old tyres and recycled wood is among the inaugural winners of a...
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Outdoor play gets funding boost. The Herald

The growth in outdoor nurseries has been hailed as a hugely beneficial step in getting children away from computer and TV...
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NEW Community Play Fund

The Community Play Fund, aimed at supporting childhood health and wellbeing through play, is now open for applications. Outdoor play improves...
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Playday Event in Kilmarnock

Playday activities are taking place in Kay park, Kilmarnock! There will be a variety of...
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Let them play! Kids need freedom from play restrictions to develop

Unstructured play improves learning and social and physical development. Providing a variety of play options, improved play access and fewer restrictions can encourage children to engage in physical activity...
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Outdoor learning has huge benefits for children and teachers — so why isn’t it used in more schools?

Research shows that healthier and happier children do better in school, and that education is an important determinant of future health.   Full blog...
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Children who walk to school less likely to be overweight or obese, study suggests

Children who regularly walk or cycle to school are less likely to be overweight or obese than those who travel by...
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Toddlers Want to Help and We Should Let Them

If allowed to help, toddlers become great work partners later in childhood.  Full article
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