Making it our Place – communities talk about play

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This report presents findings from qualitative research conducted to inform and support the 2010 Playday campaign. Playday is the annual celebration of children’s right to play, a national day highlighting the importance of play in children’s lives, which this year takes place on Wednesday, 4 August. The campaign is coordinated by Play England, working in partnership with Play Scotland, Play Wales and PlayBoard Northern Ireland.

Each year, Playday is an important occasion to campaign on issues affecting children’s play. This year’s campaign, entitled Our place, aims to tackle the restrictions faced by children wanting to play outside where they live, and to highlight the role that communities have in shaping childhood.

Focus groups were structured around the findings from Community play: a literature review produced by Play England. This qualitative research project and the findings from the above mentioned literature review were used to inform a national opinion poll, developed by Play England and conducted by ICM.

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