Give us a go- children and young peoples views on play and risk taking

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This report was produced to inform the Playday 2008 campaign. The focus of this year’s Playday is risk in play.

This report presents findings from a qualitative study of children and young people’s experiences and perceptions of risk in play. The body of research commissioned for the Playday 2008 campaign has four parts. First, this qualitative study. Second, a survey conducted by ICM of adults and children’s perceptions of risk in play, which is shaped in part by findings from this qualitative research. in addition, a qualitative study of play providers, investigating the benefits and challenges of providing adventurous play opportunities for children and young people. Finally, there is a literature review, which was produced by Play England’s policy and research department.

This qualitative research has been conducted and produced by the National Children’s Bureau research and evaluation department.

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