The Play Return: A review of the wider impact of play initiatives

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What impact does play have?

This review was produced in response to a meeting that was held with Nick Hurd MP, Former Minister for Civil Society at the Cabinet Office and representatives of the play sector on 29th October 2013. It was organised by the Children’s Play Policy Forum (CPPF) and sponsored by the Association of Play Industries (API). The CPPF commissioned Tim Gill to carry out the work which was submitted to Nick Hurd on the 29th May 2014.

On reviewing the final draft the CPPF felt that this work would be of relevance and value to a wider audience, not only across the field of play, but also across political agendas. Indeed interest has already been expressed internationally. Children’s play is of fundamental importance to the lives of children, not only in terms of their development and well-being but also their enjoyment of childhood. This document provides supporting evidence which will add to conversations around the subject of play. We hope and believe that it will also be of interest to the general public, parents, carers and teachers alike.

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