My day as a playworker – Gavin Bell

I have been a playworker for over 20 years, gaining new play experiences for children. These experiences have allowed me to stimulate physical play, imaginative play, and arts and crafts, which they will learn from without knowing they are learning new skills. We treat the children as individuals. We use observations to see what the children need to help them be their best self.

Playwork is a calling, it has to be in you. I love being a playworker because we all think outside of the box and children we work with become like your second family. When they gain new skills, we smile.

I had a time when a child that had grown up spotted me out and about, and they still remembered me and thanked me for helping them all those years ago.

There’s no other job I would do. Playworkers need to be recognised more in the childcare world.