Shetland Play Van Success

Thanks to Get into Summer Funding from the Scottish Government we were able to work with The Shetland Family Centre on a wonderful project to tackle isolation and play deprivation due to lockdown. 

The Shetland Family Centre identified a gap in the early years play provision as many community groups, such as parent and toddler, parenting groups, ante-natal and post-natal parents had been unable to meet together because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Shetland is made up of remote, rural communities where social isolation is an identified factor which can cause mental health issues and deprivation within communities. The additional barrier of lockdown meant that there was a lack of peer support and a loss of confidence in parents to meet and build relationships with other families within the community.  

Using the funding, Play Scotland provided resources to the Family Centre to support families to play together.  

Community play resources were purchased to be based at the Family Centre, and used in the PlayVan.  

The PlayVan travels the length and breadth of the island communities promoting play to early years groups.  

The resources support outdoor play, community engagement and inclusion within communities.  

As well as having play sessions around the Family Centre, using the PlayVan meant that play sessions could be hosted throughout Shetland providing an opportunity for more young families to meet and play together. 

The new resources have proved a hit and the play van is now booked every week up to the summer holidays! 

We are delighted that the funding was able to support parents groups to get back to playing within the community and provide support networks and information for parents and their families.