Parents and Carers We Need You!

Parents & carers we need you!  

The Scottish Government is consulting on important legislation called Play Sufficiency Assessments and Open Space Strategies.  

We are asking parents and carers in Scotland to take 10 minutes to fill in our short survey with their children and teenagers. By filling in this survey you will help ensure that the voices of children and young people are heard in the future of planning! 

You can fill in the survey here:

Please ensure you fill it in by 5pm on Thursday 31 March.  


What are Play Sufficiency Assessments?

Play Sufficiency Assessments are a tool for local authorities to assess how good the play opportunities are in the area. They cover the spaces available for 0-18 year olds to play outdoors, do informal sports, games, and hobbies, and just to hang out & how accessible they are. PSAs relate to the experiences of children and young people aged 0-17 and Open Space Strategies relate to everyone.

Why are the Scottish Government Consulting?

The Scottish Gov are consulting on the Play Sufficiency Assessment as a tool – they want to get a picture of what questions should be asked when assessing play spaces. Through this consultation, they’ll also get a snapshot of how good play spaces are right now. 

Submitting a group response  

If you want to organise your street, local school, afterschool club, or youth group to submit a group response you can download our facilitator’s guide and response template.

Please note that the deadline for submitting consultation responses is Thursday 31 March 2022, so please do get in touch with us as soon as possible if you are interested in contributing. Please email

Facilitation Pack for PSA NPF4 Draft Consultation

Response Proforma for PSA NPF4 (Draft) Consultation

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Remember the consultation closes on Thursday 31 March at 5pm so please make sure you have submitted your responses by then.  

Please share this post to ensure the voices of children and young people are included in the future of planning in Scotland!