Online Survey on UK Playground Accessibility and Inclusion Experiences of Carers

You are invited to participate in a 10-15 minute online survey on UK Playground Accessibility and Inclusion Experiences of Carers!

Catey Gans is a Masters student at University College London in the Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources. She is performing an ethically approved research study on UK playground accessibility and inclusion experiences of carers, with a focus on carers who have physical impairments.

She is asking carers of all physical abilities to participate, but if you have a physical/mobility impairment, it has been existent for at least two years. To participate, you must also be a resident of the UK, an adult (18+) and identify as a carer of a child/children 12 years and younger. Cares include parents, grandparents, guardians, etc.

If interested, please follow the link to read further details of the project and start the survey! The survey closes 20 July 2022!

Link to survey:

The hope is that this work will promote inclusive playground design and an awareness for playgrounds to be designed with carers in mind, as well as children.