An evidence report on Covid-19 and children’s play

An evidence report on Covid-19 and children’s play shows that the benefits of children playing outside outweigh the risks. The UK Play Safety Forum have been very concerned about the lack of statistical clarity around the impact of the Covid-19 virus on children. It was agreed that it would be very helpful for policy makers to have a document that made clear the true impact of the virus in terms of children’s health in order to help balance the risks of the virus compared to the damage of current policy to their wellbeing and development. In discussion it was felt that the Forum was probably one of the most experienced and qualified bodies to put this together.

David Ball, Professor of Risk Management at Middlesex University, agreed to write a report on this together with the Help of Tim Gill and Andrew Yates, who chairs the British and European Standards Committees for children’s play. The report is also supported by the UK Children’s Play Policy Forum.

Covid19 and Play Report