NOS for Playworker/Playwork Practitioner

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Create playwork settings that support freely chosen self-directed play.

This standard is about working with children and young people to create inclusive and diverse play spaces to support freely chosen, self-directed play. The play spaces within each playwork setting should stimulate them and provide opportunities for play that allows risk, challenge and personal growth.

The main outcomes of this standard are:

1. plan and prepare an inclusive playwork setting
2. support freely chosen, self-directed play for all children and young people

This standard is for a playworker working directly with children and young people in a playwork setting whose main purpose is to provide children and young people with opportunities for freely chosen, self- directed play. This standard is for staff that do not have full responsibility for the playwork setting but make a significant contribution to supporting play.

This standard is underpinned by the Playwork Principles and playworkers must be familiar with these and, where possible, demonstrate them through their practice and reflection.

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