Learning about Play report, 2015

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On behalf of the Play Strategy Implementation Group, we examined the content of the main qualifications in Scotland, for those working in early learning and childcare, schools, out of school and holiday care services for children. We wanted to discover how much play is included from level 5 to post degree level, and to see if more coverage was needed.

We found that play in both the free and planned play sense is covered in every qualification to various levels. However, it depends on the choices the learner makes in terms of qualifications, and the options within them, to really learn about play. We found through interviews and the literature review that play could be better provided in schools, inside and outside the classroom.

We made recommendations to improve qualifications, to create better play opportunities in schools, to fund play research, including doctorates, and to address play and risk issues.

Resource type: Research, Policy
Categories: Play Strategy