Consultation on the new national planning framework

Play Scotland and A Place in Childhood are hosting three seminars on the new NPF4 draft plan.

What is NPF4?

NPF4 is a long term plan for Scotland that sets out where development and infrastructure goes – an overarching policy framework for Scotland’s development to 2045 which will form part of the development plan and influence day-to-day decision-making in planning once adopted.

The draft can be found here:

It responds to planning reform laid out in the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019, where children and young people have now been given a much more prominent voice in land use planning than before.

NPF4 is not just about a revised planning system, it sets a vision for how our places will change in the future and explains how we will work together to build sustainable, liveable, productive and distinctive places. This includes proposed policies around responding to the climate emergency and creating environments that better support children and young people’s rights, wellbeing and development.

Which parts are relevant to Play?

Part 3, National Planning Policy, Policy 12, Blue and Green Infrastructure, play and sport is the most relevant part to this group (Found on page 81).

There is a new protection of existing play opportunities. So if there is a quality/quantity loss of play provison this shouldn’t be supported unless mitigated (similar to loss of playing fields protected by Fields in Trust). 

There is a universal policy section (from page 68) – which lists 6 qualities of creating good places. It speaks about about joy and playful environments. Under liveable neighbourhoods (page 73) – 20 minute neighbourhoods are highlighlighted as a means to making living local easier for people.

How can I have my say?

The Scottish Government is consulting on this draft, with representations welcome between now and 31st March 2022.

To support you to respond to the consultation, Play Scotland and A Place in Childhood are hosting a series of seminars.

We are inviting you to a discussion on planning for and with children and young people. These seminars will help to inform responses from the sector to the National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4) draft and will support you to consult with children and young people on the NPF4.

If you attend these seminars you will:

a) Contribute to a joint representation to NPF4

b) Find out more about NPF4, to help your organisation submit a bespoke response with the children and people you work with

c) Hear more about Play Sufficiency Assessments, and the consultation going out to children and young people to inform the regulations.

Book onto a seminar

You can book onto a free seminar – you need only to attend one seminar.

Saturday February 19th 10am – 12 noon:

Monday February 21st 10am – 12 noon:

Tuesday February 22nd 4.30pm – 6.30pm: