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Scotland’s Play Charter Pledge

Play Scotland promotes Scotland’s only inclusive Play Charter.  This describes a collective commitment to play for all babies, children and young people in Scotland.

It builds on the Scottish Government’s National Play Strategy and the Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) approach to supporting children, young people and their families.

The Charter is for parents, play providers, play champions and everyone with an interest and/or responsibility for play in Scotland.

Children and young people have the need and the right to play indoors and outdoors in welcoming and stimulating environments.  Through play children have fun; develop and learn; assess and manage risk; use their imaginations and create new experiences that contribute to their health; wellbeing and a happy childhood.

The aim of Scotland’s Play Charter is to:

Highlight that every child has the right to play in line with Article 31 of the UNCRC* and raise awareness of the importance of play for all babies, children and young people

Ensure a commitment to play is more strongly embedded within policies, strategies, key qualifications and CPD training

Ensure that children and young people are supported in their right to play and that play spaces are valued within communities

Inspire individuals, play providers and organisations to promote a range of inclusive play opportunities

Bring back the sight and sound of children playing in our communities

Should you wish to pledge your support to this Charter please send your name, job title, organisation, web address and your logo to

Your details will be shown on our website.

By supporting the Charter you will be recognised as a Play Champion.  Organisations and individuals who pledge their support will be awarded the ‘Committed to PLAY’ stamp which can be used on resources and websites.

*United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

You can download a copy of the charter below:

Scotland’s Play Charter

You can also view the Play Charter text on our web:

Scottish Parliament Motion S5M-03584

Motion in support of Scotland’s Play Charter placed by Ruth Maguire MSP.

This Motion received Cross Party Support which resulted in a Debate held in the Chamber on Tuesday 14 March 2017.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Rona Mackay, Gail Ross, Richard Lyle, Ash Denham, John Mason, Stuart McMillan, Sandra White, David Torrance, Emma Harper, Bob Doris, Ivan McKee, Gillian Martin, Tom Arthur, Fulton MacGregor, John Finnie, Elaine Smith, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Jeremy Balfour, Ben Macpherson, Bruce Crawford, Angus MacDonald, Gordon MacDonald, Tavish Scott, Clare Adamson, Maree Todd, Brian Whittle, Richard Lochhead


“Children’s play and learning, their close relationships and social interactions are dependent on the quality of spaces and places they inhabit”
(Brooker and Woodhead)


Scotland’s Play Charter Debate, Scottish Parliament
14 March 2017

Play Scotland sent a briefing paper in advance of the Debate to the MSPs.  You can view a copy this below:

Briefing paper for MSPs

MSPs which took part in the debate were:

  • Minister for Childcare and Early Years, Mark McDonald (SNP)
  • Ruth Maguire (Cunninghame South) (SNP)
  • Liam McArthur (Orkney Islands) (LD)
  • Brian Whittle (South Scotland) (Con)
  • Rona Mackay (Strathkelvin and Bearsden) (SNP)
  • Daniel Johnson (Edinburgh Southern) (Lab)
  • Alison Johnstone (Lothian) (Green)
  • Kenneth Gibson (Cunninghame North) (SNP)
  • Jeremy Balfour (Lothian) (Con)
  • Clare Haughey (Rutherglen) (SNP)
  • Iain Gray (East Lothian) (Lab)
  • Fulton MacGregor (Coatbridge and Chryston) (SNP)
  • Ross Greer (West Scotland) (Green)

Play Scotland would like to thank all MSPs who participated in the Debate and to all those who signed Motion S5M-03584 and pledged their support to Scotland’s Play Charter.

Scotland’s Play Charter Debate Scottish Parliament Transcript

“It is not always about play equipment; it is about the space and time for play.”
Ruth Maguire MSP