Play Scotland – Delivering the Play Agenda in Scotland #playeveryday

Play Scotland is the National organisation for play in Scotland, working to promote the importance of play for all children and young people, and campaigns to create increased play opportunities in the community.   #playeveryday

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New booklet – Experimental Play!

Explore and enjoy the fun, thrills, science and wonderful world of messy play!  Email for a FREE pdf copy

Scotland’s 1st Play Convention

Play Scotland are hosting Scotland’s 1st Play Convention on Thursday 5th October at Murrayfield in Edinburgh.   Full details here



Parents & Families

Welcome to our Parents and Families page where you will a find a range of services available in Scotland, information and play ideas.
We welcome any ideas you may wish to share with us, email:

Scotland's Play Charter

Are YOU Committed to PLAY?

Play Scotland is promoting Scotland’s first inclusive Play Charter.  This describes a collective commitment to play for all babies, children and young people in Scotland. #playeveryday

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Streaming instead of dreaming: Using phones and tablets before bed stops kids from sleeping and can lead to health issues

With the average age to receive your first mobile phone now just 10, portable media devices are becoming more and more...
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Play Scotland analysis: Families need time to play outside

Marguerite Hunter Blair, chief executive of Play Scotland We know that play, and particularly outdoor play, is fundamental to healthy child development...
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Child and teen obesity spreading across the globe, BBC News

Child and teenage obesity levels have risen ten-fold in the last four decades, meaning 124m boys and girls around the globe...
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Badger or Bulbasaur – have children lost touch with nature?

In August 1913 the children’s writer Eleanor Farjeon visited the poet Edward Thomas and his family at their home near the South Downs....
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Less than half of young teens play outdoors, survey show

The number of young teenagers who play outside has dropped dramatically according to a new survey which suggests the youngsters of...
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In the modern city it is hard for children to find a place to play

It has never been harder for children and young people in the modern city to find somewhere to play or meet...
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Outdoor play boosts children’s performance in class, says new study

A new study from Norway has found clear associations between the extent of children’s outdoor play and their ability to make...
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Don’t tell my kid to stop going up the slide!

You know when your kids are running around, getting fresh air, and all is going smoothly? Everyone is getting along, going up and down the...
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School grounds alliance adopts play sector approach to risk

The International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA) has published a statement on the assessment and management of risks in outdoor play and...
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Why kids should go barefoot more (and probably adults, too)

During an unseasonably warm day this past winter, my husband and I walked with our three boys to the playground down...
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