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20 Years for Play Scotland

We are celebrating 20 years of Play Scotland.

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Play Scotland 20th Anniversary Newsletter 2018


Playful Families

Welcome to our Playful Families page where you will a find a range of services available in Scotland, information and play ideas.

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Scotland's Play Charter

Are YOU Committed to PLAY?

Play Scotland is promoting Scotland’s first inclusive Play Charter.  This describes a collective commitment to play for all babies, children and young people in Scotland. #playeveryday

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Worry less about children’s screen use, parents told

There is little evidence screen use for children is harmful in itself, guidance from leading paediatricians says. Parents should worry less...
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Childcare providers urged to promote `gender-equal play´

A new campaign has been launched in a bid to promote more “gender-equal play” in nurseries and childcare. The Care Inspectorate...
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A meal for every child at funded early learning and childcare sessions. Scottish Government

Major new Scottish Government scheme delivers healthy food, outdoor play & living wage in childcare. Every child attending a funded early...
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Gender Equal Play in Early Learning and Childcare

Children’s experience of childhood and play is becoming more gendered and polarised between girls and boys, with products such as toys,...
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Celebrating 20 Years of Play Scotland

14th December marks 20 years of Play Scotland, the national organisation for play. Read our milestones in our special edition newsletter:...
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Tech, Teens and Trust: Navigating the Digital World of our Children

Those of us parenting in a digital world, frankly, don’t know what we’re doing. Warnings about the negative impact of screen time...
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Children’s Play Becomes Work When You Get in the Way. Let Them Be

Play does not have a beginning and ending. It is a fluid, continuous state of being, a way of engaging and...
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Six ways to raise a resilient child

Helping our children navigate the stresses and strains of daily life is more important than ever.  Full blog  
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The Age Four Transition to Responsible Childhood

Converging evidence shows a major shift toward independence around age four.  Full blog  
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Worry over kids’ excessive smartphone use is justified

Sleep deprivation among teens spiked after 2012 – just as smartphone use became common. Parents who fear their kids are spending...
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