Life in the time of Covid.19 – Self isolation as a teenager. Day 6

Day 6: making the best of lockdown

Not much happened today until the evening which I suppose is bound to happen at some point. It felt strange having nothing to do and not being able to go out and see anyone different. Today is the first time I’ve really properly thought about the gravity of the situation and I guess it’s because I didn’t have any distractions all morning and afternoon. There’s always going to be days that are worse and that pass much slower than others and I suppose we all have to find a way to accept that and keep busy and distracted. But it’s really difficult. I miss my friends a lot, and it feels wrong not to be going to someone’s house for a gathering tonight.

So for this evening, we decided to get dressed up, put makeup on, do our hair and have a family games night. I’m going to cook this evening as we’ve all been taking turns to help my mum out. I’ve always loved cooking and baking so I decided to cook one of my favourites for the family tonight. Spinach linguine with a spicy tomato and bacon sauce – delicious! After we ate, we decided to play cluedo which is a family favourite of ours. We spent the evening together listening to music and chatting. Although us being locked up in our house together isn’t ideal, it’s given us lots of time to catch up with each other which we don’t really do anymore as a family as everyone is off doing their own thing. It’s been really lovely to get up to date with my family’s lives – one silver lining at least.