Moths to a Flame teacher’s pack

Hello and welcome to your Moths to a Flame teacher’s pack!

The Moths to a Flame project helps children and young people engage in the call for urgent action on the Climate Emergency into a magnificent mass-participation art installation at COP26, Glasgow 2021.

EVERYONE is invited to join this NATIONWIDE creative response to the Climate Emergency to help us make 20,000 moths and record messages for the Moths to a Flame installation at COP26.

Through these activities children will:

  • Think about energy and its possibilities
  • Explore the natural world and observe real moths near you
  • Create simple hand-crafted moths to join the exhibition
  • Record your climate hopes for the future and
  • Send a message to World Leaders at COP26.

We would love for you to do any and all of the activities below, but we are most interested in receiving your moths and your recorded messages.

Once you have made your moths and recorded your messages, please email We will pay for the postage to ensure your moths are part of the exhibition!

Please ensure to get your moths made and get in touch by Monday 18 October so we can make sure your moths arrive in time!