Life in the time of Covid.19 – Self isolation as a teenager. Day 4

Day 4: routine

As of today, I’ve decided to set my morning alarm for 8:00am every day. This will keep a routine to my days which will help maintain some normality throughout this crazy time! I came across some colouring books and I started off my day with some colouring in with my mum. I used to love colouring in especially when I was little so this made me feel quite nostalgic and put a smile on my face.

After this, I helped my mum with some jobs around the house. We put the music on loud in the house while we did our chores, which kept up our morale. Since the lockdown began it’s been hard for everyone to stay happy or hopeful due to the lack of social contact with our peers and wider family. By doing simple things like listening to music we love, all together, we are helping to keep our mindsets as positive as possible.

As well as that we decided that as a family we would do a yoga session and a work out today after lunch. So, at around 2pm we set up exercise mats and started to stretch. This was great fun and made us all laugh seeing each other follow our mum’s yoga routine.  I’m not quite as flexible as I thought, but if lockdown continues, I’ll maybe surprise myself….