Life in the time of Covid.19 – Self isolation as a teenager. Day 2

Day 2: a new normal

Today I woke to the sun shining through my window. I allowed myself a lie in, in comparison to a regular Tuesday morning, getting out of bed around 9am. I started the day off with a long field walk with my dog. Because of the recent lockdown I’m now only allowed out once a day. Thank goodness I have a big family, so my dog will be able to get his usual three walks a day just with a different person each time.

It’s my Grandma’s birthday today which makes me sad as I can’t visit her. Usually, each year we drive to her house as a family and drop off the present we had bought for her, usually including a homemade birthday card. Sadly this year, that won’t be possible. In place of the face to face birthday visit we decided to FaceTime her as a family. I suppose that from now on – for quite some time – FaceTime will be the closest contact to others that I’ll get.

My new thing that I tried today was cutting and then shaving my brother’s hair. This was really fun to do and kept me and him busy for quite some time. He decided it was worth the risk letting me shave his head because he’s not going to have any social contact for the next few weeks anyway, so if it went badly, it wouldn’t have mattered! I’m not sure if I would guarantee this activity generally though, could get messy 🙂