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We have listed below activities you can do with bored children!  If you have ideas you would like to share please email us at info@playscotland.org

Disclaimer:  Play Scotland would ask that appropriate supervision is in place for any young children using our messy play recipes and that they avoid consumption.

Spaghetti Snakes
Cook spaghetti and once cool, add into a basin with a little water (to save from sticking) for your child to play with. You can even add in food colouring and shaving foam for extra fun.

DIY Sensory Board
Get a large piece of wood and attach various snibs, latches, baking trays (these can then use magnetic letters and numbers), push on push off battery operated lights, a calculator, light switch, chains, keys attached to ribbon, small wheel which would go on a box and lots more.  Lots of fun will be had with these.

💡 You could get your child to draw a house on the board then add the snib / latch to the front of the house.

Textile Sensory Board
Using a large piece of wood or cardboard attach various materials to give a variety of textures to play with and touch examples: cotton wool, felt, ribbon, tin foil, zips, mirror, sponge, zip lock bags with hair gel / shaving gel / conditioner – even add in glitter!

Match the Pegs
You will need string and coloured clothes pegs.

Peg the coloured pegs to the string.  The object of the game is for the child to find an object in the house, the same colour as each peg.

Pebble Painting
When out on a walk collect lots of flat stones/pebbles.  These can be used to paint on.  You could make dominos or paint faces and make up stories.

Boxes Galore
Give your child various boxes, tape and watch their imaginations come alive!

You will need: a bucket and rolled up socks (or a soft ball).  Lots of fun trying to throw the ball into the ‘basket’.   Great for hand to eye coordination.

Obstacle Course
Make an indoor obstacle course.  You can use cushions, pillows, small tables, hula hoops etc.

Make a balance beam by marking a straight line on the floor with masking tape.

Add in the basketball (see above).

Jump in and out of circles (mark these using masking tape).

Climb high, lie low, jog on the spot, star jumps and lots more!

Lava Floor
Object of the game is to get from one side of the room to the other without standing on the floor!  You can use cut up carpet tiles, pillows, cushion, cut out cardboard as stepping stones.

Count the raindrops
On a rainy day, can you count how many rain drops run down the window.

Treasure Map
Make a treasure map and let your child find the treasure.  Or they can make one and you can find the treasure.  You can down load our activity sheet below:

A6 How to Make a Treasure Map

Balls in the Box
Ideal for younger children.  Get a large box and cut holes in the top of the box the size of coloured balls, like the ones you use for a ‘ball pit’ and let them place the balls through the holes.

💡 You could colour code each hole for colour learning fun.

Picasso Box
Ideal for younger children.  Get a large box and take top of the box off.  Pop your child inside or lie on floor to enable them to get in and out,  give them crayons and let them draw their masterpieces inside the box.

Indoor hopscotch
Using electrical or masking tape mark out the hopscotch on the floor and use rolled up socks for the ‘peever’.

Indoor Bowling
You will need 6-10 same size 1 litre plastic bottles.  Fill up with water and ensure top is screwed on!

Mark the start line with electrical or masking tape.  Use a soft ball and have fun bowling.

💡 why not pop a glow stick in for glow in the dark bowling.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Download this pdf for items to found in the house:

Indoor scavenger hunt



Treasure Chest

The undernoted are ideal to keep in a ‘treasure chest’ to play with and can also be transported easily.

Collect various items when you are out walking, for example: smooth and rough pebbles; shells; small sticks etc

Household items, for example: milk bottle tops; yoghurt cartons; silver foil; buttons; beads; lolly sticks; feathers; glass beads etc

Let your child’s imagination run wild.

Note: Supervision required with young children due to lose parts

Rolling Pin Art

What you need:
Rolling pin
Paints on a flat tray
Items which can be wrapped round rolling pin i.e.:
elastic bands in various widths; bubble wrap; string in various widths

What to do:

Wrap an item round the rolling pin to create a stencil.

Paint rolling pin and roll onto paper – see what art shapes you can create.

If you don’t have a rolling pin, try using a cardboard tube.

You can also get large sheets of paper, place blobs of paint on this and roll over the paint to see what shapes this creates.

Glow in the Dark Bowling

What you need:
Empty plastic bottles  (preferably the same size)   
Cold Water
Glow sticks

What to do:

Fill the empty bottles with cold water.
Break glow stick to activate
Pop in the bottle and close the lid.

Once dark these will glow – now it’s time to bowl!

Magnetic Leaves

What you need:
Magentic strips
Googly eyes

Collect leaves, flowers and feathers when out and laminate these.
Cut out and glue magnetic strips on the back.
Add eyes to make leaf people.
Use baking trays or fridge door as the canvas.

Popping Hopscotch

What you need:
Bubble wrap cut into squares

Cut a square for each number and paint number on 1 – 10.

Place in hopscotch format.  Play!  When you hop on the square it will pop!

Scratch n Sniff Paint

Details on how to make scratch n sniff paint, great for sensory play

Click here

How to Play Conkers

Details on how to play the traditional game of Conkers.

Play Scotland Activity Sheets

We have a range of activity sheets which use materials that are free, recycled or low cost.  All are available as pdfs to download.  Should you wish a hard copy or these emailed to you please let us know.

A1 bug and butterfly painting

A2 15 Things to do Before you are 12

A3 How to make Papier Mache

A4 How to Make Gloop and Washable Finger Paints

A5 How to Make Funny Faces and Washable Finger Paints

A6 How to Make a Treasure Map

A7 Few Ideas for Cardboard Tubes

A8 A Few Ideas to make with Stones

A9 – All Year Round Snow Play

A10 – How to make clay

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