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We have listed below activities you can do with bored children!  If you have ideas you would like to share please email us at info@playscotland.org

Disclaimer:  Play Scotland would ask that appropriate supervision is in place for any young children using our messy play recipes and that they avoid consumption.

Treasure Chest

The undernoted are ideal to keep in a ‘treasure chest’ to play with and can also be transported easily.

Collect various items when you are out walking, for example: smooth and rough pebbles; shells; small sticks etc

Household items, for example: milk bottle tops; yoghurt cartons; silver foil; buttons; beads; lolly sticks; feathers; glass beads etc

Let your child’s imagination run wild.

Note: Supervision required with young children due to lose parts


Rolling Pin Art

What you need:
Rolling pin
Paints on a flat tray
Items which can be wrapped round rolling pin i.e.:
elastic bands in various widths; bubble wrap; string in various widths

What to do:

Wrap an item round the rolling pin to create a stencil.

Paint rolling pin and roll onto paper – see what art shapes you can create.

If you don’t have a rolling pin, try using a cardboard tube.

You can also get large sheets of paper, place blobs of paint on this and roll over the paint to see what shapes this creates.


Glow in the Dark Bowling

What you need:
Empty plastic bottles  (preferably the same size)   
Cold Water
Glow sticks

What to do:

Fill the empty bottles with cold water.
Break glow stick to activate
Pop in the bottle and close the lid.

Once dark these will glow – now it’s time to bowl!


Magnetic Leaves

What you need:
Magentic strips
Googly eyes

Collect leaves, flowers and feathers when out and laminate these.
Cut out and glue magnetic strips on the back.
Add eyes to make leaf people.
Use baking trays or fridge door as the canvas.


Popping Hopscotch

What you need:
Bubble wrap cut into squares

Cut a square for each number and paint number on 1 – 10.

Place in hopscotch format.  Play!  When you hop on the square it will pop!


Scratch n Sniff Paint

Details on how to make scratch n sniff paint, great for sensory play

Click here

Play Scotland Activity Sheets

We have a range of activity sheets which use materials that are free, recycled or low cost.  All are available as pdfs to download.  Should you wish a hard copy or these emailed to you please let us know.

A1 bug and butterfly painting

A2 15 Things to do Before you are 12

A3 How to make Papier Mache

A4 How to Make Gloop and Washable Finger Paints

A5 How to Make Funny Faces and Washable Finger Paints

A6 How to Make a Treasure Map

A7 Few Ideas for Cardboard Tubes

A8 A Few Ideas to make with Stones

A9 – All Year Round Snow Play

A10 – How to make clay

A11 How to make Moon Sand

A12 – How to Make Pavement Paint

A13 – How to Make Crackle Foam and Goo

A14 – How to Make a Tooth Fairy Door

How to Play Conkers

Details on how to play the traditional game of Conkers.

Make a Lava Lamp

This lava lamp looks like great fun to make.  Full details here


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Science with Children

Science does not need to be daunting, below are a few links which shows you have can introduce science into playing!

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Nursery songs and rhymes

Click on this link where you will find a collection of nursery songs and lyrics.

Fun Outdoor Play Ideas

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