Play Scotland Values and Policies

Play Scotland Values

We believe that play is a fundamental right of childhood and is central to children and young people’s development

• We respect the play needs of all children and young people, working to ensure that shared, safe play spaces which meet these needs are available;

• We believe that play is intrinsically motivated and that children and young people should be free to self-direct their own play activity with minimal input from adults;

• We support all those who work for or who impact upon the playing child, using the Playwork Principles as our underpinning professional and ethical framework;

• We are playful and innovative in our approach to play development and practice.

We recognise, respect and value the voices of children and young people, putting their play needs at the core of everything that we do

• We ensure that all our work is play focused, supporting the development of a play culture, where children and young people’s play is considered to be the highest form of participation;

• We listen to what children and young people have to say, striving to empower them to raise their voice on the issues which impact upon their lives.

We value and welcome the views of others and are committed to working collectively to drive the play agenda

• We listen to, respect and value the views of our membership, focusing our collective energy for greater impact; We work in partnership with statutory, voluntary and community agencies and organisations to drive the play agenda;

• We are committed to transparency and are open, honest, inclusive, fair and ethical in all of our relationships;

• We base all aspects of our work on community development principles, promoting community ownership and striving to empower children, young people, parents, playworkers and the wider community;

• We provide leadership in our field of expertise, challenging, praising and criticising were we must;

• We accept responsibility for our actions.

We respect and embrace difference

• We celebrate diversity and recognise that we, both as a corporate team and as a wider society, depend upon each other to bring about the change which is required;

• We recognise, respect and advocate for the play needs of all children and young people irrespective of gender, background, cultural or racial origin or individual abilities;

• We believe in the freedom to ‘be’: freedom to play, freedom to have our say and freedom to stand back and observe.

We welcome challenge and embrace change

• We are a learning organisation and are responsive to change, new ideas and better ways of working;

• We strive at all times to improve our understanding, knowledge and skills to achieve our vision and goals learning through reflective practice, research and evaluation;

• We are courageous in our outlook, have an enterprising spirit and are willing to take on new challenges as they present themselves to us.

We support, value and respect each other

• We strive to provide a dynamic, rewarding and safe working environment, providing ongoing support, training and development;

• We recognise diversity in skills, and seek to provide all staff with an opportunity to flourish.


Play Scotland Policies

Memorandum of Association

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Health and Safety Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Child Protection Policy

Volunteer Policy

Ethical Fundraising Policy

Ethics of Working with Children and Young People Policy

Disclosure Policy

Disciplinary Policy and Procedures

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Play Scotland AGM December 2019

Amendment to Play Scotland Articles of Association

It is proposed to amend the current articles of association with regard to the title of office bearers. The amendment will remove the title Convenor and Vice Convenor and replace this with Chair and Vice Chair. In addition, the Articles of Association will be amended to allow Joints Chairs to be appointed (in lieu of a Chair and Vice Chair) at the discretion of the Board and following an appropriate vote.

Members will have the opportunity to vote on this amendment at the AGM. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this amendment please e mail