Get into Summer

We are pleased to welcome the Summer of Play funding from the Scottish Government and look forward to delivering these exciting projects with our partners:

  • Play Well Outdoors Pack with Save the Children and Beano
  • Street Play with Living Streets
  • Supporting Transitions in Secondary schools with Learning through Landscapes
  • Summer of Play Podcasts
  • Outdoor Stay, Play and Learn Roadshow with Early Years Scotland

We are delighted to bring our Stay Play and Learn outdoor sessions to the Summer of Play. We will offer two generational, outdoor play-based approach to support family engagement and interaction. Our qualified early years practitioners will encourage and engage with young children and their parents/carers to improve confidence, attachments, health and wellbeing interactions, the home learning environment, outdoor play experiences, transitions, and shared learning. Our professional staff will offer these very popular services across a variety of local community outdoor spaces, utilising our rich knowledge of neighbourhoods, resources and demonstrate the benefits of simple, low/no cost activities, encouraging parents to prepare materials and replicate the play experiences/activities they have learned at the road show sessions. 

  • Intergenerational Play Project with Generations Working Together

Most children and older people have experienced an extended enforced separation and many have experienced hardship through isolation and loss of social contact due to COVID-19. This intergenerational project aims to connect different generations, to re-establish or build new relationships between young and older people, to restore confidence, trust and promote good mental health.

Generations Working Together is pleased to work within communities to develop resources to link the generations, through play and storytelling. The project will adopt safe practice around current measures for groups using outdoors connections and virtual links, whilst also building a longer-term view of “in person, in same space, at same time”, when those opportunities are again possible. 

  • COP26 Moths to a Flame with Art and Energy and The Children’s Wood
  • Down at the Bottom of the Garden with Royal Botanic Gardens