Smoke-free play resources

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Smoke-free spaces create a healthier, safer environment and mean children are less likely to smoke when they grow up


In partnership with ASH Scotland we have created new resources for smoke free spaces and to support Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco-free Generation.

These images are available for use with activity relating to Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco-free Generation and may be used by organisations who have signed up in support of the Charter here.

Specifically designed with early years services and primary schools in mind, these resources encourage smoke-free places for children to play, learn and socialise.

This series of fun images featuring friendly, brightly coloured, superhero and cartoon characters have been designed to encourage people to keep children’s spaces smoke-free.

These are available below in to download pdf format.

If you would like a personalised poster (e.g. incorporating your school logo) please email with details of your request.

More smoke-free play resources here or email


Sign up to Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco-free Generation and display these signs to let people know your grounds and collecting areas are smoke-free


Smoke free spaces – boy super hero

Smoke free spaces – girl super hero

Play Smoke Free – boy super hero

Play Smoke Free – girl super hero

Smoke Free Zone


Further resources

Play Scotland’s Smoke Free Information Sheet tells you more about how and why children benefit from smoke-free play.

ASH Scotland have produced these short Smoke-free Play Case Studies from settings who have already introduced smoke-free zones.

Looking for more?

Tobacco-free Schools: a range of practical, user-friendly tools and support materials for schools developing tobacco policies, lessons and resources.

Second-hand smoke activities and resource pack: This resource is for early years and family support workers, enabling you to run a session talking to parents about the harm caused by tobacco smoke in the home, and what they can do to protect their families.

Children’s Rights & the Charter: an information poster linking the Charter to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Tobacco-free youth projects: is a web resource designed to provide youth groups and youth workers with the information, resources and support that they need to develop and deliver tobacco prevention activities with the young people.


Together we can make Scotland a healthier place
to grow, learn, play and work.