Many of you would have heard rumours including ‘children must wear safety goggles when playing conkers’!  These are from the HSe Myth of the Month.

You can download a free Myth poster from each of the undernoted links.  Some which are applicable to play settings are:


Kids must wear goggles to play conkers







You can’t throw out sweets at pantos






Health and safety bans school experiments







Health and safety bans traditional school ties







Ice cream toppings banned for safety reasons






Health and safety rules take the adventure out of playgrounds






Pancake races are banned







Children are banned from throwing snowballs







Children need to be wrapped in cotton wool to keep them safe







Adults can’t put plasters on children’s cuts







Toy ‘weapons’ in a play had to be locked-up and registered with the police





Every possible risk needs a safety sign







Children were banned from riding at a donkey derby






Egg boxes are banned in craft lessons as they might cause salmonella






Pin the Tail on the Donkey has been banned







Health and safety brings candy floss to a sticky end 







Health and Safety bans bunting 






Health and Safety bans bonfires







All park benches must be replaced as they are 3″ too low






If a pupil gets hurt then the teacher can be sued






Risk assessment is complicated for me to do!