Playday on a budget

Playday on a budget

Playday events can be all shapes and sizes. Celebrations range from street parties, festivals in parks or community spaces, mass adventures in woodlands and parklands, to public events at community centres and back garden play dates.

It’s easy to celebrate Playday – it doesn’t matter whether your plans are big or small, what’s most important is that children and young people get the opportunity to get out to play for the day, and that collectively we highlight the importance of play in children’s lives.

If you can’t manage to hold a community-wide event, don’t worry, the great thing about play is that it’s FREE! Whether you’re a play setting, community group, childminder, family, or group of friends, here are some simple ideas to help you celebrate Playday on a budget:

Water + washing-up liquid + tarpaulin = homemade water slide madness!

Blankets + Chairs = great for making tents

Water balloons + super soaker water guns = the great neighbourhood water fight!

Large piece of rope = a tug-of-war challenge

Bags of sand + buckets = who says the beach can’t come to you?

Hula hoops + skipping ropes + balls = always a child pleaser

Picnic treats = food to fuel creative energy

And don’t forget the kids!

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