• Playday 2019 at Kay Park, Kilmarnock 

  • Playday 2019 at Kay Park, Kilmarnock 

  • Playday 2019 at Kay Park, Kilmarnock



Playday is an annual celebration of children and young people’s play which traditionally takes place on the first Wednesday in August.

Thousands of children and families attend various events across the UK.

As well as a celebration of children and young people’s right to play, Playday is a campaign that highlights the importance of play in children and young people’s lives. Campaigning for play where you live can make a huge difference not only to local children, young people and families, but to whole communities.

The 4 Nations sit on the Steering Group: Play Scotland, Play England, Play Wales and PlayBoard N.I.  

Play on the Longest Day, Scotland

In 2011, Play Scotland launched Play on the Longest Day. This year this will be held on 21st June.  This enabled more schools, nurseries and childcare settings in Scotland to get in involved in Playday activities.


Who can organise a Playday event?

Anyone can organise a Playday event.  Big or small, there are lots of different ways to celebrate Playday. Whether it’s a large community-wide event or a get-together with friends and family – find the way that suits you!

Playday events are often organised by play associations, local authorities, holiday play schemes, extended schools, children’s centres, nurseries, preschool playgroups, residents’ associations, community development workers, childminders, or simply someone who lives in locally and wants to give children and young people a special opportunity to play for the day.


“Only 40% of today’s children would swap time in front of the TV or computer for outdoor play”

(Playday research)


Playday 2019 – Play Builds Children

The Playday 2019 theme aims to highlight the many ways in which play is beneficial to children and young people.

  • Play Builds Friendships playing allows children to interact with others, develop relationships, deal with conflict, and learn respect and tolerance.
  • Play Builds Resilience playing boosts children’s confidence, creativity, problem-solving skills and perseverance, enabling them to cope with stress and challenges throughout life.
  • Play Builds Health and Well-being  being active through play helps children physically and emotionally, contributing to their health and happiness.  
  • Play Builds Communities  playing allows children to learn about the world around them, make connections, and develop a sense of identity and belonging. 

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You can get involved in this year’s Playday by:

  • Holding a Playday celebration – whether your event is big or small, the more people that celebrate Playday the more noise we can make for children’s play. Register your event online.
  • Spreading the word about the campaign – post it, tweet it, blog it! Help spread the word far and wide about children’s right and need to play –  #Playday2019.
  • Follow us on social media Facebook and Twitter.
  • Becoming an official Playday champion – if your organisation is passionate about children’s play, why not become an official Playday 2019 campaign champion?


Thank you for your continued support.