What is HomeZones?

HomeZones are streets:

  • Where children can play safely out of doors
  • Where cars travel at a reduced, safe speed (Europe 10mph and Scotland & UK 20mph)
  • Traffice calming and signs are put in place to draw attention to drivers that they are entering a safe street
  • Where people  of all ages can cycle safely
  • Where people can just sit and watch the world go by
  • These are Community Streets

A HomeZone is not a pedestrianised street, nor is it a playground.  It is aiming for a balanced use of space for all residents.

The Benefits

  • Children are able to play and therefore more active
  • People, of all ages, feel safer
  • Community Spirit
  • HomeZone streets are healthier with less traffic noise and air pollution
  • In areas where there are no play areas, children have access to safe outdoor free play space
  • Promote social inclusion
  • Encourage people to cycle
  • Reduced car accidents

“Play can improve children’s health and wellbeing and reduce levels of social exclusion, crime and anti-social behaviour”.  (CPC)