Under 5s

Play is the way to learn, it is also the best way for you to interact with your
child.  By playing with your child this will help them develop; use their imaginations; develop their social skills; practice new skills and best of all it is FREE!!


Why play?

  • Children learn by playing
  • Parents bond by playing

You can play with you baby and child in lots of different ways and you do not need to use a toy. Simple things like a cardboard box and paper, playing clappy hands, can all give hours of entertainment.

Look at books, this can be a free catalogue or leaflet which has been sent to you.  Point to the images and name the item and colour.  This is great for learning and development.

Sing songs and nursery rhymes with your child, you can even sing them your shopping list!

Ideas for play

Den Building
You can use:  sheets, blankets, beach towels, cushions, cardboard boxes and a good idea to clip them together is to use pegs.

You can use chairs indoors and outdoors to make the structure, or large bits of woods and make a tepee.

Scatter the cushions and pillows on the floor to make the ground cosy.

 Splish Splash

Children love to play with water.  Fill up a basin and bucket and add in bath toys, or loose part items like sponges, wooden spoons, acorns and large stones.  

Note: ensure supervision as children can drown in even shallow water.