Making Space 2016: Our Space award

23 June, 2016
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Making Space 2016: an international award for excellence in the design of spaces for children and young people

Part of the Festival of Architecture 2016 and the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.  Full details here

The Good School Playground Guide

9 June, 2016
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This guide has been written to help make that ambition a reality. It explores the links between school grounds and children’s health, wellbeing and learning and offers practical advice on how to develop the best school playgrounds.

It’s written for everyone who has an interest in how schools can provide the best school playground, that supports learning and a health-promoting environment for children and young people; whether you’re an architect designing a new school, a teacher tasked with improving your existing outdoor space or a parent looking for ways to provide practical help to your child’s school.  Link

Walk to School Week, Living Streets, 16 – 20 May 2016

5 April, 2016
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Take part in Strider’s Walk in the Wild – a five-day challenge that gets pupils enjoying the benefits of regular walking. The classroom pack contains a series of fun challenges, focusing on a different animal from around the world each day. The content encourages learning through exploring the animals’ walking habits and natural environments.

Full details can be found here

My World Outdoors

31 March, 2016
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There is significant and growing interest in how children and young people
access the outdoors to play, learn, develop and have fun.

The Care Inspectorate have produced this comprehensive guide for people who provide services, people who commission them, and parents of children who attend them.  Inspections help to identify effective ways of using outdoor play in every part of Scotland and in every type of care service.  Where inspectors have identified
particularly effective or innovative practice in outdoor play and learning, they asked some care
services to describe what they were doing and why they were doing it. Their experiences, in their own words, are presented here. The CI believe this is an effective way of sharing good practice and can help to improve the overall quality of early learning and childcare across Scotland.

My World Outdoors, Care Inspectorate