Scottish Home Play Survey

Scottish Home Play Survey June 2016 – Top Line Summary

Play Scotland has developed a mobile app Boredom Busters that will encourage and facilitate parents and their children playing together more frequently and in a greater variety of ways.  We commissioned baseline research to measure behaviours, attitudes and concerns regarding children’s playtime, through surveying Scottish parents of children in the target age range (8-12 years). Overall, the research will inform the promotion of the app and document its impact upon play behaviours and parent attitudes.

The parents we sampled were very positive about the benefits of play for their child, with:

  • 83% agreeing ‘very strongly’ that play makes their child physically healthier

The sample was similarly positive about:

  • play being good for a child’s sense of well-being (83%)
  • play helped their child be more active (82%)
  • play helped their child become more confident (79%)
  • Improving sociability (77%)
  • Play was educational (75%) were also commonly agreed with ‘strongly’.
  • Over a third of parents surveyed (37%) said they were unhappy with the time they had available to play together with their child.

Inequalities across household socio-economic groups were visible within the data. Children from higher socio-economic backgrounds were more likely to play for longer on a weekend, take part in a greater variety of play activities, play together with a parent and to have ‘positive’ barriers to play such as extra-curricular activities and homework.

Children from lower  socio-economic backgrounds are more likely to experience ‘negative’ barriers to play such as a lack of suitable and safe local spaces.

Interest in the Play Scotland app was high.

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