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Trainer/Assessors Required

There is an exciting opportunity to deliver a new qualification which has been designed specifically with a view to support organisations/local authorities interested in analysing the play sufficiency of their services. The development of the qualification was driven by the Scottish Government Play Strategy, which aims to promote and improve play and play spaces for children and young people in Scotland.

The PDA: Strategic Planning for Play, is a CPD qualification developed by a partnership of Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), Scottish Government, Play Scotland, SkillsActive and Inspiring Scotland.

The key outcomes of the Scottish Play Certificate are:

Ø Play and Play Spaces

Ø Play, policy and community

Ø Evaluating and analysing the impact of play on children and young people

Ø Evaluating Play Sufficiency


As the qualification is to be delivered in local authorities across Scotland, we are seeking to employ either sessional trainers/assessors or self employed trainers/assessors to deliver the qualification locally.

Applicants should be motivated, able to work on their own initiative, with a very good knowledge of the importance of play and the playwork principles, and experience in consulting with children and young people.  Applicants should have a relevant qualification in play, childhood studies or community work at SCQF Level 8 or above, and have an assessor qualification.

Please send your CV in the first instance to – Cherie Morgan at