Under 5s

Play is the way to learn, it is also the best way for you to interact with your
child.  By playing with your child this will help them develop; use their imaginations; develop their social skills; practice new skills and best of all it is FREE!!


Bookbug for the Home

Bookbug for the Home aims to encourage carers and children to sing, rhyme and share books together.  For full information click here

Every Day’s a Learning Day

Two books produced by Education Scotland to help parents support their child’s learning.
Book one to 3 years, 2nd book 3-6 years.  For full information click here

Maternal and Early Years

This website is for anyone working with children and early years.
To read more click here

National Parenting Strategy

Scottish Government National Parenting Strategy.  To view publication click here

Play Talk Read

Scottish Government website on tips and information on how to Play Talk Read with your child.
To read more click here

Ready Steady Baby

This website is designed to be a comprehensive online resource for you and your partner from the decision to start trying for a baby, through pregnancy, labour and birth up until your baby is 12 months old. To read more click here

Ready Steady Toddler

This website is a comprehensive online resource with information on the toddler years from 13 months to three years.  To read more click here

The Connected Baby

Suzanne Zeedyk website on how babies connect with adults.  To read more click here

Top Ten Tips for Starting Primary School

To view the top ten tips for parents and families click here