Play Strategy

Play Strategy Vision

We want Scotland to be best place to grow up.  A nation which values play as a life-enhancing daily experience for all our children and young people; in their homes, nurseries, schools and communities.

The Play Strategy: Our Vision

Children’s play is crucial to Scotland’s well being; socially, economically and environmentally. Our people are our greatest resource and the early years of life set the pattern for children’s future development.

‘The experiences children have in early life – and the environments in which they have them – shape their developing brain architecture and strongly affect whether they grow up to be healthy, productive members of society’ (Harvard University, 2007).

Play is an essential part of a happy, healthy childhood and ‘when children play their brains do two things: they grow and the become organised and usable’ (Hughes, 2013). By investing in all our children and young people now we can strengthen their ability to achieve their full potential.

The Play Strategy: Action Plan

The Action Plan supports Scotland’s first National Play Strategy by setting out what actions need to be taken, in the domains of home;nursery and school; community; and positive support for play to realise our vision for play.

Play is fundamental to a healthy, happy childhood and is essential to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of Scotland as a whole.

The Action Plan has been developed by the sector and there is a role for practioners, parents and carers, politicians, planners and policy makers in enabling and supporting children’s play.


Play Strategy Publications

Action 6.3 (Play Strategy for Scotland: Action Plan) Play At Home report, March 2015

Action 7.1 (Play Strategy for Scotland: Action Plan) Learning About Play report, 2015

Action 8.1 (Play Strategy for Scotland: Action Plan) Policy Mapping infographic,  2015

Action 8.2 (Play Strategy for Scotland: Action Plan) Play Map Resource for Community Planning Partnerships, 2015

Action 9.6 (Play Strategy for Scotland: Action Plan) Playing with Quality and Equality, Inclusive Play Review, November 2015

Play Strategy for Scotland: Evidence, Outcomes and Logic Models, November 2015

Action 7.5 (Play Strategy for Scotland: Action Plan) Play Outside Hours! report, 2016