The KidsRight Index

18 June, 2018
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The KidsRights Index is the annual global index which ranks how countries adhere to and are equipped to improve children’s rights. The KidsRights Index is an initiative of the KidsRights Foundation, in cooperation with Erasmus University Rotterdam: Erasmus School of Economics and the International Institute of Social Studies. It comprises a ranking for all UN member states that have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and for which sufficient data is available, a total of 182 countries.

The UK is ranked 173 out of 182.

The KidsRights Index exists of 5 domains: 

  1. Right to Life
  2. Right to Health
  3. Right to Education
  4. Right to Protection
  5. Enabling Environment for Child Rights

Full details can be found here

School meal smoothie ban in obesity fight, BBC News

4 June, 2018
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Smoothies and fruit juices could be banned from school canteens, as part of a campaign to tackle childhood obesity in Scotland.

The Scottish government wants to impose lower sugar limits on school meals in a move that would also affect yoghurts and some breakfast cereals.  Full article


Outdoor Classroom Day – The Impact of Outdoor Learning and Playtime at school – and beyond

24 May, 2018
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Project Dirt asked teachers who have taken part in Outdoor Classroom Day about the impact of taking children outdoors.

The results are encouraging as they show that there is a fast-growing number of schools worldwide that recognise how important outdoor learning and play is for children, teachers and whole schools, as well as parents and the wider community.  Further details can be found here 

Childcare training places increased at Scottish universities and colleges

9 April, 2018
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Childcare training places are to be increased in Scottish universities and colleges, according to ministers.

The move is to help provide workers required for early learning and childcare demand.

The Scottish government has highlighted the need for a well-trained workforce to ensure children get “the best possible start in life”.  Full article


No ball games signs could be removed in Glasgow

9 April, 2018
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NO ball games signs could be removed from greenspaces in Glasgow.

It follows MSP Ruth Maguire calling for local authorities across Scotland to scrap them.

Councillors in Glasgow said it would help children get onto greenspace for recreation, sport and play.

It is aimed at improving the physical and mental health of children, as well as developing social skills.  Full article


Play Champion MSP in Campaign to Remove Anti-play Signs

5 April, 2018
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SNP MSP Ruth Maguire has called on councils to tear down ‘No Ball Games’ signs across Scotland in a bid to provide more space for children and young people to play.

Removal of the signs – a scourge of every child’s attempt to have fun – was suggested as an option by the Scottish Government in 2013, with some councils already taking action to take them down. Now the SNP’s Ruth Maguire wants to see this approach replicated across the country.  Full article