The benefits of play for kids’ mental health

7 February, 2018
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Almost everyone can recall a pleasant childhood memory in which they are building with blocks, running around with friends or inventing magical worlds for their dolls. But play is much more than fun; it can be used as a form of therapy for children.  Full article


Teachers warn learning through play can lead to pupil disruption

11 January, 2018
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Modern teaching techniques where pupils are allowed to learn through play can lead to poor behaviour, a new report warns.

So called active learning – where pupils are also encouraged to work in groups or teach each other – have also been blamed for a lack of focus in secondary school when pupils sit exams.  Full article


Parents now spend twice as much time with their children as 50 years ago, The Economist

30 November, 2017
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Parents these days spend a lot more time with their offspring, or at least middle-class parents do. One analysis of 11 rich countries estimates that the average mother spent 54 minutes a day caring for children in 1965 but 104 minutes in 2012. Men do less than women, but far more than men in the past: their child-caring time has jumped from 16 minutes a day to 59.  Full article