Scottish government crackdown on unhealthy food offers, BBC News

27 October, 2017
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The promotion of food and drink high in fat, sugar and salt is to be restricted in Scotland, ministers have confirmed.

The Scottish government plans the move as part of its new diet and obesity strategy to help people lose weight.

Ministers also want to see the broadcast of TV adverts for unhealthy food banned before the 21:00 watershed.  Full article


Free play and children’s mental health, Dr David Whitebread

27 October, 2017
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The growing crisis in children’s mental health in the UK is widely recognised. Data from children’s charities, including Childline and the UK National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, have shown substantial and worrying increases in demand for their support, with Childline reporting a 36% increase from 2013 to 2016 in calls from children seeking help for serious mental health issues.  Full article for interest 

Time to get creative beyond the early years, Holyrood Magazine

27 October, 2017
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“We are not saying children have to eat soil,” Henry Mathias of the Care Inspectorate told Holyrood’s Creative Play event.

The comment was a reference to the 2016 book ‘Let Them Eat Dirt’ by B. Brett Finlay and Marie-Claire Arrieta which caused ripples by suggesting we may have been making children sick by keeping them too clean.

In Scotland there has been increasing awareness that open, free play in which children are put in control of their own learning is effective in the early years, and this often includes going outside and getting muddy.  Full article


Streaming instead of dreaming: Using phones and tablets before bed stops kids from sleeping and can lead to health issues

11 October, 2017
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With the average age to receive your first mobile phone now just 10, portable media devices are becoming more and more present in children’s lives.

But having a mobile phone by a child’s bed may have detrimental effects.

A new study suggests that bedtime phone use is causing children to sleep less and be excessively tired the next day, which could have serious repercussions to their health.  Full article

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Badger or Bulbasaur – have children lost touch with nature?

2 October, 2017
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In August 1913 the children’s writer Eleanor Farjeon visited the poet Edward Thomas and his family at their home near the South Downs. On their first walk together, Thomas’s 11-year-old daughter Bronwen realised that the city-dwelling Farjeon knew few of the names of the wild flowers that flourished in the surrounding landscape. “My ignorance,” Farjeon recalled later, “horrified her.”  Full article