Girl, 8, wins swing campaign for disabled brother

24 March, 2017
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A council has installed a special needs swing just days after an eight-year-old girl wrote to them about her disabled twin brother.

Naomi Gwynne accused South Lanarkshire Council of “forgetting” about her brother Isaac, after he was unable to use new equipment in their local park.  Full article

Children not allowed to “play out” until age ten, Scotsman

23 March, 2017
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Marguerite Hunter Blair, chief executive of Play Scotland, pointed to a recent study that showed that high school children often have the road safety skills of five year olds in the 1970s.

She said: “However, we are being overprotective. The underlying problem is that parents are undermining the competence of their children, which means that they roam less far than they would have done in the past.”

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Girl, 8, writes to council over swing for disabled brother

21 March, 2017
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Naomi wrote to the authority after visiting the new park near their home in Hamilton and seeing that Isaac could not use the assisted swings as they were too small.

She wrote: “I like the new park but please could you make a disabled swing for it?

“Isaac my twin brother is too big for a baby swing but can’t hold on to the bars of the grown up swings.

“His favourite thing is a swing and we are both sad. Why did you forget about him? I have drawn a swing he would like. Thank you.”  Full article