Teaching Children to Play With Fire

24 February, 2017
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At a Berlin day care center, a little boy lights a match and touches it to another, making a sudden flare. The girl sitting next to him shouts a word that is the same in German and English: “Cool!”

The two children, both under 6, aren’t breaking any rules. They are taking part in a fire workshop designed by Kain Karawahn, an artist who, as part of a performance piece about freedom in 1987, once set a blaze at the Berlin Wall. No one was hurt.  Full article

Future Me campaign launch, Scottish Government

15 February, 2017
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Parents encouraged to talk to children about their dreams.

A new campaign encouraging parents or guardians to talk to children about their dreams for the future will be launched this week by the Scottish Government.

The Future Me campaign aims to raise the aspirations of children and improve vital literacy and numeracy skills which will last a lifetime.

Parents or guardians are being asked to discuss the future with young people and share their ambitions either online on Scotland’s giant dream wall or using the Future Me postbox at their local library.  Full details

Edinburgh street play pilot to be extended despite criticism

16 January, 2017
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A scheme designed to help parents temporarily close streets for their children to play outside is to be extended amid criticism the initial pilot was a “mess” and difficult to use. The city council admitted that there were so few inquiries about its ‘Edinburgh Playing Out Streets’ pilot that not one street in the Capital ended up being closed for play last year.  Full article


Moderate screen use ‘boosts teen wellbeing’, BBC News

16 January, 2017
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A study of screen time and mental wellbeing among teenagers has suggested moderate use of devices may be beneficial in a connected world.

The researchers collected self-reported data from 120,000 English 15-year-olds about their digital device habits.

They found a “Goldilocks effect” where a few hours of device-use seemed to boost mental wellbeing.  Full article

Keeping children safe from button batteries

22 December, 2016
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Button batteries and lithium coin batteries are the small, round batteries you find in lots of toys and everyday objects. They can be extremely dangerous for children if swallowed – especially lithium coin batteries –and can kill within hours.  Full details here