The Overprotected Kid

13 July, 2017
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A preoccupation with safety has stripped childhood of independence, risk taking, and discovery—without making it safer. A new kind of playground points to a better solution.  Full blog


Designing Streets for Play – Research and Observation

13 July, 2017
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There’s a house on a corner near where I live in suburban Leeds that makes me happy nearly every time I pass it. Not because it’s anything special architecturally, but because there are almost always children playing in the street outside. Further into town there’s a Victorian terrace, where cycling past once I smiled as I saw two kids playing badminton, using the front wall as a net, one child standing in the street and one in the front yard.  Full blog


Losing Fat, Gaining Brain Power, on the Playground

29 June, 2017
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Better grades might be found on the playground. A new study of elementary-age children shows that those who were not part of an after-school exercise program tended to pack on a particular type of body fat that can have deleterious impacts on brain health and thinking. But prevention and treatment could be as simple as playing more games of tag.  Full blog


Playday Survey 2017

21 June, 2017
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What do you think about playing today and how have play opportunities changed for children, families and communities through time?  We want to hear what you think.

Playday, the national day to celebrate play, is 30 years old this year.  The national organisations that promote play in the UK want to find out how play opportunities have changed over these years and need your help.

Could you spare 15-20 minutes to complete an online survey?  

Please visit to complete the survey and we would be grateful if you ask your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to complete too.

Help us understand the nature of the play in the UK today and how this has changed over the last 30 years.

Closing date for survey is 21 July.

For more information about Playday and the UK-wide survey, please let us know.

Thanking you in advance.


Meet the world’s first professor of play

30 May, 2017
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Cambridge University has appointed the world’s first ever professor of play, Paul Ramchandani. A researcher who has spent the last 15 years leading the child and adolescent mental health research unit at Imperial College London, Ramchandani will take up the new role in early 2018. The position is funded through a £4m grant supporting the Centre for Research on Play in Education, Development and Learning (Pedal) from the Lego Foundation, the charitable arm of the children’s toy company.
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Parties for Play?

24 May, 2017
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The UN (2016) has been clear – and a range of evidence confirms – that the UK government needs to commit to doing more for children’s play. This should include: protecting play space through a more child-friendly planning system; supporting the country’s diminishing network of world-renowned adventure playgrounds; and adopting playwork standards for after-school and holiday care. Adrian Voce poses some questions for politicians seeking election in June.  Full blog


Children and video games: a parent’s guide

11 May, 2017
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For me, parenting often feels like endlessly having to say no. No, we can’t have Kinder Eggs for breakfast. No, we can’t buy a horse. No, it doesn’t matter that you only met her once, you still can’t wear swimming trunks to Auntie Ethel’s funeral. Although that last one was my husband.  Full blog


New York ‘junk’ inspires kids to play

10 May, 2017
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A new project in the heart of New York City is demonstrating that the mainly European tradition of adventure playgrounds, currently facing big challenges in the UK and elsewhere, as austerity bites, have enduring popularity wherever there are towns, cities and people with the vision to make space for them.  Full blog