UK child obesity worst in poorest cities

18 June, 2018
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Thousands of UK children, mainly in deprived city areas, are already classed as severely obese when they leave primary school.

A report by the Local Government Association (LGA) warns that severe child obesity rates are leading to a multi-million pound ‘ill health time bomb’.  Full blog here

The Importance of Risky Play in Early Childhood

10 May, 2018
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Are you hovering?

Be honest: how many times in the average playground visit do you find yourself tensing up with anxiety over the possibility of your kid getting hurt? How many times do you say something along the lines of, “be careful,” “that’s dangerous,” or “don’t do that”? If you’re like the vast majority of loving, attentive, well-intentioned parents, that number is likely pretty darn high.  Full blog


Imagine and explore through ‘playful’ learning

7 May, 2018
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A ‘playful’ approach to learning can hugely benefit children, but the system must give teachers the freedom to create the right environment. Making the case is Nicola Whitton, Professor of Education at Manchester Metropolitan University, and a passionate advocate of the ‘role’ of play in education.  Full blog


Tes talks to…Anthony Pellegrini

9 April, 2018
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The educational psychologist tells Helen Amass that while play is important for children’s development, we have little to gain from trying to incorporate it into lessons and teachers should focus on motivation and social skills instead Play is for the playground, not the classroom. This is what educational psychologist Anthony Pellegrini wants you to remember the next time you are planning a lesson based around interactive games or modelling clay.  Full blog